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Minecraft Sub & Follower Servers made Simple.

The easiest way to make your Minecraft Server
Subscriber & Follower only. Seamlessly sync your twitch
subscribers minecraft accounts to your server whitelist

Why MCSync Is Best

We focus on the quality and features of our product to bring you (the end user) the best possible experience!

Simple Setup

Get your server up and running in no time. Focus on your community, not the administration part!

Fast Support

If something isn't working quite how you would like it to, we will sit down and hammer out the issue to get you back to your content.


Whether you want your server to be Sub only, or Follower only, we have you covered for either or! You can even have both!


Looking to add user-specific permission nodes based on that users role on Twitch?

Plugin Addon

Directly integrated to work with the base MCSync Plugin and LuckPerms to quickly assign the required permission node based on the users Twitch rank!


Looking to download the Addon? Click below to go to the download page and to view the changelogs!


With the config file generated, you can modify the permissions that get assigned to each role to fit the need you require!
Works with servers set to all join modes!

A service you can depend on.

  • Active Development

    We're activly developing MCSync to make sure it's the best in the market! Have a feature request? We'll take all types of feedback!

  • Live Chat Support

    We offer live chat support through our Discord server! Have an issue, open a ticket and let us help you.

  • Multi-Streamer Support

    Making it so you and your co-streamer friends subs & followers access one server has never been simpler!

  • Premium Rank

    Looking to help the development of MCSync, or just want a few extra perks to have access to? Go Premium for the full suite of features!

Attractive Features

These are just a few of the reasons we out pace the competetors!


Multi Streamer Support - Link multiple streamers to one server token. Share the with all your friends!

2 Minute Setup

Get up and running in less than 2 minutes! It's so simple!

Fast Support

We care about our clients, so we will make every effor to get your questions answered super fast!

Blended Mode

Support for Subscriber only & Follower only mode, or you can be cray cray and do both!

Fast Updates

We're activly working on the backbone of our system, and service to always be the best!

Client Focused

We mean it! Have a comment, feature request? We're open to all feedback, good or bad!

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the questions we get most often.

Of course you can! It would be totally boring playing alone and obsurd to force your friends to give you money! You can give them the permission `mcs.bypass` or add them to the vanilla whitelist. Just don't enable the vanilla whitelist!

By default, Free accounts will have access to create 1 server / API token. Premium users have the ability to create as many server API tokens as they please.

Premium is $4.99/month. We truely appriciate your consideration for premium!

Pull Twitch API Manually, API Updates every 5 Minutes, M.S.S - Multiple Streamer Support, Unlimited Server Tokens, Premium Discord Support, Priority Support.

Currently, MCSync only works on Java Minecraft. We're working each day to bring support to more platforms!

We are working on developing a Forge compatable plugin. Spigot plugins do run on Paper however not on Sponge. We work hard to develop addons for the most commonly used Minecraft servers.

I'm not too sure 😊

Contact Us

Have a question, feel free to reach out to us!


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Support / Feature Requests:
Looking for some support with MCSync? Want to suggest a new feature? Join our Discord for both, or to stay updated with all things MCSync!